Our Vision

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.” - Aristotle
We get it.

In today’s highly competitive and stressful world, daily challenges require us to do more, work faster, and to constantly be “on the ball”.

The to-do list seems to grow longer every day and it’s very hard to keep up. It is only made worse by stress, scattered thoughts, poor memory, anxiety and mental fatigue which hold us back from achieving our true potential and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

We have lived this too. It causes a lot of problems and pain. And we wanted to find a solution...

Our founder, Mark Curry, wanted to solve this problem he and all his colleagues were facing in the corporate world. He was working as a lawyer, and quit this job, to study nutrition, and start a business that would help to  solve this problem we all face and bring something new and unique to the world of nutrition.

Mark used to be the "weird lawyer" on level 6 who used to bring a 4kg tub of orange-brown powder that was a mixture of 20 amazing ingredients called nootropics. His friends and co-workers would have a table spoon of powder, and then put cordial on the top and drink.

The results blew their mind.

"My co-workers were always telling me how much better this powdered mixture of ingredients was over coffee, tea, energy drinks, soda or any other focus-aids they would take. 

They would ask me where they can get something similar, and I would always say that they can't - this was the only nootropic mix in Australia at the time in 2016 and I was importing the ingredients from all over the world, carefully measuring them out, and then mixing them together in a tupperware tub.

Then one day - it hit me. This was what I had to do. 

I had to work out how to make this product available for everyone. 
I wanted to make the world a better place by giving everyone something stronger and longer-lasting than coffee, something with more benefits that could counteract stress, while improving mood, enhancing mental performance and without a crash!"
- Mark Curry

This led to the creation of SAVVY.
Our products will improve your brain, but they won’t make you ace an exam you haven’t studied for, blitz a meeting when you didn’t prepare, or win your sports final if you haven’t trained, but it will help you improve all the little things.

It will motivate you to get a little more study done, put that phone down, ace that preparation, train a little harder, stress less and enjoy each moment more… Because that’s what being life savvy is all about...

"We aren’t just making a drink with health benefits for your body and mind. We are making the best drink for your body and mind."

Savvy exists to contribute to the healthy future of Australians by enriching their minds and bodies with essential nutrients required for enhanced mental and physical performance. Enabling people to do more, feel better and be more.

We believe that being life-savvy is about being more focused, alert and motivated, bringing the A-game, enjoying mental clarity, while feeling calmer, collected and in control. And in today’s world - those are your keys to success. 

You can get more out of your day by getting more out of your brain. We all know what it’s like to have those moments when we’re “on the ball” and everything makes sense. The very best of our productive and creative potential is fully available.

Most of us don’t have those moments often enough, bogged down by mental fatigue, stress and anxiety. By lowering their stress, and resisting burnout, improving their mood, people have more energy to enjoy their lives more.
Mark Curry and the SAVVY Team
Byron Bay, Australia 2024


Our Founder and chief nutritionist - Mark Curry

There’s a huge problem of burnout and people being overworked in most companies. It has become “the norm” to always be too busy and too tired.

By lowering their stress, and resisting burnout, improving their mood, people have more energy to enjoy their lives more.

Mark spent years researching the solution, driven by a desire to improve people’s mental performance and provide a ‘better for you’ option for people. After boring his co-workers and friends senseless with nutritional facts, he quit the corporate life to start on the beverage.

“I quit my job to make products that help people feel better and enable them to take back control of their energy every day.”

As the idea of a healthy energy-drink is basically a paradox - the drink had to be fundamentally different and break new ground. And the Savvy journey began.

Mark teamed up with some of the best and brightest minds in Australia in nutrition, science and health to create a drink based on real science. A beverage that is evidence-based that is so damn good, because of its benefits, that you would want to drink it every day!

In 2016, mental performance drinks didn’t exist in Sydney. They didn’t exist anywhere. Savvy wanted to unlock the potential of people and educate them about the benefits of cognitive health and performance. When 2019 rolled around, we properly launched our first drink and thrust SAVVY BEVERAGES into Australia and the spotlight. 

Mark Curry
Founder and Nutritionist