Social Purpose

Savvy charity


At Savvy we believe that it is extremely important to give back, and being in a position to help - we absolutely do our best to help. 

Every order online help Life Education provide services to an entire primary school where children can learn about life-skills that can help improve quality of life and mental wellbeing. This is incredible, as it provides a whole day of education for children to learn valuable life skills to lead a better life.

Ultimately, we want to leave things in a better way than when we found them

Savvy is a business that exists to improve mental health and wellbeing of people through nutrition, education and services. We know that mental health and wellbeing is important to all people of all ages, and we help to provide products, education and services for people to benefit from. We want to help Australians by enriching their minds and bodies with amazing quality products, and supporting organisations that provide resources, education and services that help the community. 

We work alongside numerous charities in mental health assistance, education and nutrition to provide value to the community at large. We donate a percentage of revenue to three organisations specifically, Life Education for children as well as the two largest mental health charities Black Dog Institute and Beyond Blue. We also donate a percentage of profits to Trillion Trees Australia, our environmental partner that plants trees and benefits the environment. We have been able to support and sponsor (with product or finance) many university mental health workshops and highschool workshops. We believe that the largest breakthroughs we can make to improving ideas about the importance of mental health, the environment and health is at high school and tertiary education.

Why we do it

 Savvy is a health business that exists to improve people’s lives. Our vision is to leave the world in a better way than when we found it, we want to leave a positive impact on people and our planet. The mission of our company is to help people to do more, feel better and stress less to lead happier and healthier lives. Many Australians are not aware of how to improve mental fitness and health as much as physical fitness and health, and we are determined to close that gap.

 Ever since day one we have pledged several percent of profits to our three chosen organisations that positive affect the community.

The ripple effect

The ripple effect shares how one person's small action can completely change another person's future life. This seemingly innocent act not only impacted one individual but also all the other lives that he then went on to also influence.

Being able to assist our local community, and also helping others supporting the larger community was a huge benefit for many Australians. And we want to encourage people to help communities as much as possible. More customers are now reaching out and enquiring about our social and environmental purpose.

We have had many startup businesses reach out to us asking about the 3 charities we support and the environmental organisation we support so that they can do it as well. We made sure there was a sustainable method to support the community since our first sale, so we can continue to support our communities as we scaled.  

The future of our impacts

Savvy was founded on the principles of improving the quality of life for all people from all walks of life and we intend to continue to do this. We have a strategy to provide a percentage of our profits for social and environmental organisations and this works sustainably with our business model.

We want to continue to support highschools, universities and organisations with their events where we can make the biggest impact, and that is anything improving mental health, physical health and nutrition. We can’t wait for what the future holds and helping all Australians to thrive.