Environmental Sustainability

savvy beverage sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of every decision Savvy Beverages makes

Sustainability is in everything we do.

We are passionate believers in holistic sustainability, and are committed to being sustainable across our entire supply chain and business.

Our goal is to leave the earth in a much better condition than when we found it. 

Every single aspect of the business has been optimised for environmental sustainability.

Our ingredients come from sustainable sources, our packaging is optimised for sustainability, we only work with businesses that share our vision for sustainability and we only use carbon neutral couriers.

Trillion trees Australia

We support an organisation that plants a tree every time someone purchases SAVVY products. 

This simple initiative is fantastic as we plant trees every time we sell nootropics which makes an enormous impact on mental health and the environment. 

To learn more: https://trilliontrees.org.au/

Environmental sustainability

Sustainability from our ingredients and manufacturing processes to our packaging and products.

Biodegradable coffee pod

All Savvy products are made from sustainably sourced ingredients. Whether you are purchasing our coffee powder, coffee pods or brain boost drinks, you can believe that everything that went into every single box, sachet, pod or can is considered with an environmental and sustainable mindset.

Our coffee pods are in plant-based and 100% biodegradable and recyclable coffee pods. These are made out of sugar beet and sugar cane, and breakdown in just 90 days. 

Our packaging boxes are recycled cardboard, and so are our mailers. 


We offset the carbon emissions for all deliveries from our warehouse to your door. 

We want to neutralise our carbon footprint the best we can.

Our warehouse runs on green energy as well.


We sustainably source our ingredients

Our ingredients come from nature, and therefore we want to make sure it is farmed in conditions good for the environment and for the plant. Non-organic farming practices cause hundreds of harmful chemicals to be over the ingredient, but also to harm the environment, waterways and communities. So we always choose natural organic ingredients that support healthy ecosystems and sustainable farming practices.

All Savvy products are made from sustainably sourced ingredients. Whether you are purchasing our coffee powder, coffee pods or brain boost drinks, you can believe that everything that went into every single box, sachet, pod or can is considered with an environmental and sustainable mindset.

Fairtrade and Rainforest alliance is extremely important as it ensures we are promoting fair working conditions and practices for farmers, their environment and their communities as well as helping to protect the forest, human rights and combat climate change.


biodegradable and compostable coffee pods

Biodegradable and compostable coffee pods

Australians consume three to four million coffee capsules a day, or more than a billion a year... this can be harmful plastic/foil pods or they can be biodegradable.

The Smart Coffee Pod product line challenges the status quo of existing packaging in Australia as we use biodegradable and compostable coffee pods and coffee sachets. This is important as 5 million Aussies use a coffee pod every day, and 3.5 million Aussies use a single-serve sachet every day, this amounts to an enormous amount of waste from plastic and foil. Our packaging is made from plants and breaks down 10 weeks after being added to compost.

Let’s make a difference with Savvy’s 100% plant-based and 100% biodegradable coffee pods. Feel better by reducing waste...


savvy eco friendly

Changing packaging for the better

We recently changed our Brain Boost drinks to being in an aluminium can from a glass bottle due to the environmental advantages of aluminium in Australia.

Aluminium can be recycled endlessly, and takes less materials to make than glass, which can only be recycled a few times before becoming waste. Also aluminium is lighter, requiring less energy to transport, and is less likely to break, which causes waste.

All of our mailing material and boxes are made from recycled cardboard. We strictly use no plastics and educate our customers on why we have made these changes, so that our communities can flourish with sustainability and change.

environmental sustainability

We offset all deliveries

Getting our products from Savvy HQ to your doorstep unfortunately results in an emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere - this is what we refer to as leaving a carbon footprint. 

Most people don't consider the environmental impact of their online shopping deliveries – just clickety-click and, like magic, it's on your doorstep. But the logistics involved generate a huge amount of CO2 - over 10% of global CO2e emissions are from transport and logistics.

Being carbon neutral means that your net release of CO2e into the atmosphere is zero. - Hoooray! 

Basically, whatever CO2e you emit is cancelled out by a process known as 'offsetting' – that is, supporting projects that reduce emissions, like regenerating precious forest, replacing old equipment with more efficient technology, or even training communities in beekeeping!

We have partnered with Sendle, Australia's first 100% carbon neutral delivery service, as we believe sending a parcel shouldn't cost the earth! 


Why we do it?

Savvy is a health business that exists to improve people’s lives. Our vision is to leave the world in a better way than when we found it, we want to leave a positive impact on people and our planet.

Every single business can make a difference, whether big or small. We have set out to improve every single aspect of our business to be environmentally sustainable, and we ensure our customers are aware of this. As more businesses take their environmental impact seriously, the larger businesses will have their customers demand they make changes too. Change needs to start somewhere, and we always want to be at the forefront of sustainability as we cannot go on making our amazing products if unsustainable farming practices continue.

The future of our environmental sustainability

Savvy was founded on the principles of sustainable business practices, where we can make a difference to the lives of people and our planet. We intend to continue this.  We have a strategy to provide a percentage of our profits for social and environmental organisations and this works sustainably with our business model.

We have seen that as we continue to promote our environmentally conscious initiatives, the public expects other businesses to adopt more environmentally sustainable business practices, and the positive change continues.