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  • Can B Vitamins Improve Mental Health?

    All the B-vitamins are beneficial to our overall health. They provide different functions and work best when they are combined together. 

    In this article, we discuss how B vitamins can also have positive effects to your mental wellbeing. Learn how you can avoid mental conditions caused by vitamin deficiency and which foods you should consume to get your recommended dietary intake of B vitamins.

  • Why Am I Always Hungry? And What to do About it?

    Hunger is the way your body senses that it requires additional food – it’s the natural cue. Each time you feel hungry, your stomach may rumble as it feels empty, or you may experience headaches, get angry, or lack focus. 

    This article looks at some causes of extreme hunger and some science-based ways to reduce excessive hunger and appetite. 


  • The Effects of Sugar on the Brain and the Links to Stress, Anxiety and Depression

    Sugar consumption has a bittersweet effect. There’s a negative relationship between sugar, the brain, the body, physical health and mental health. And it doesn’t just stop at sugar – artificial sweeteners also fuel both depression and anxiety. Let’s dive into the effects these have on your body and what you can have instead to enjoy some sweetness without the dark side!!  
  • Stress Can Make You Stupid

    Stress is an ordinary human response that happens to everybody. We are meant to feel the pressure of stress and respond to it! If a bear was chasing us, our body floods us with stress causing us to run really fast! However, in today’s world, the angry bear might be an upset partner boss or a big public speech. Stress can have an impact on our body both internally and externally. This happens mainly because of environmental, social, and physical changes that react to our body in a certain way. Stress is not always bad - but let's work on managing it and making it work for you.
  • Are Nootropics Legal in Esports?

    Electronic sports (eSports) is beginning to evolve into one of the world’s most highly-valued industries. Esports is a multibillion-dollar industry that has formed quickly over the last few years!

    The most obvious choice for egamers to give them an advantage in mental performance over the competition is the use of nootropics. If nootropics can make your brain work faster, you will be a better gamer – it’s a simple as that. Just like steroids and other physical enhancing supplements are banned in sports, are nootropics going to be banned in esports? 

  • How To Get Smarter At Any Age With Brain Plasticity

    Brain plasticity is something beyond a fascinating idea. It can be applied to change your mind, and your life to make you smarter and happier and generally improve the way you view things! It means that as you become mentally fitter by learning new things, your ability to learn increases as well! It’s like when you get physically in shape and not only do you look better, but you have more energy, less joint pain, you’re stronger and so much more. The same happens with our brain – and we can get mentally fitter (or smarter) at any time we want!  

  • The best 10 Ways To Reduce Stress Based on Science

    Effective stress management techniques can offset the negative effects of stress in your life. There are many things you can try, and here are 10 of the best proven, fast, and reliable stress remedies. See which of them would fall into your life and be something you would try.
  • What is Cortisol and the Dangers of Too Much Stress

    Cortisol and stress go hand in hand. Our body is more than capable of regulating its own cortisol release. While too little or too much cortisol can cause you harm – you can do many things to moderate your cortisol production with healthy lifestyle changes including eating adaptogens, exercising, spending time socialising and more.

  • 11 Best Tips To Boost Energy Naturally

    Some essential tips to boost your energy levels. Lack of energy can make function less efficient in your daily activities. Check your lifestyle to know what drains your energy and change it.

    If you find yourself feeling tired often, maybe it’s a good idea to see which of the above you aren’t doing particularly well and try and improve your lifestyle to get more done and feel better!

    With the right nutrition, you can go a long way!

  • The 13 Best Brain Foods for Boosting Focus and Memory

    Article at a glance Your brain weighs about 2% of your body weight and uses 20% of your energy! You can upgrade your brain (and yourse...
  • How Does Music Affect Your Health?

    Music has health benefits with the capacity to capture attention, lift your mood, generate emotion, perform better on tests, evoke memories, reduce inhibitions, exercise harder and encourage movement! 

    This is due to the strong effect music has on altering our brain's chemistry, and specifically, its interaction with dopamine, which is a brain-chemical playing a large role in how we act and feel pleasure. 

  • How to sleep when it is too hot - 13 of the best tips

    Now that Spring has sprung, and the hotter weather is on the way you might be finding it harder to get a good night's sleep! Try out out Savvy tips so no matter how high the thermometer goes, you'll be sleeping like a baby.