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L Theanine + Caffeine For A Nootropic Mental Performance Boost

Most people are well aware of caffeine's energising effects, however, when you add some L-Theanine, it is a total game changer!  The product is greater than the sum of its parts. They are synergistic and enhance each other's best qualities and reduce the risk of unwanted side effects. The ultimate marriage if you will. This remarkable combination is a staple forany nootropics enthusiast. 

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Top 10 Benefits Of Exercise For Mental Wellbeing And Health

Being active has been shown to have many health benefits, both physically and mentally. Exercise offers incredible benefits that can improve nearly every aspect of your health from the inside out. Before we get into the evidence-based benefits from exercise, how did exercising and 'running' became such a common healthy pastime?  I had recently picked up the autobiography of the creator of Nike, Phil Knight, called 'Shoe Dog'. There is a particular paragraph about the beginnings of recreational “jogging” that immediately caught my attention (while making me laugh). Here’s the excerpt: “... in 1965, running wasn’t even a sport. It wasn’t popular, it wasn’t unpopular—it just was. To go out for a three-mile run was something weirdos did, presumably to burn...

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The Ups And Downs Of Coffee

But first… coffee! It’s Sunday night, you set the alarm for Monday morning at 6:30am for a productive start to the week. For many of us, coffee is the first thought in our mind every morning when that alarm goes off. More than just something you want, it’s a need! Many of us are guilty of thinking “Urghh I need a coffee!!” to get us going. And then that need pops up again at 9am, lunch, 3:00pm, and 5:00pm to get you through your day to finish your work or to meet that deadline. But should we be reliant on one substance to drive our productive and energetic life every day? Cup of caffeine please  Coffee’s main source of fuel is...

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