Our smart ingredients

Savvy have worked with nutritionists, food scientists and health experts to nutritionally upgrade our beverages with added ingredients to give your brain a boost!

Savvy helps to naturally fuel the mind with real ingredients backed by scientific evidence like botanical extracts, vitamins, adaptogens amino acids and nootropics. These ingredients work together to help to improve your focus, reduce your stress & anxiety while boosting your mood. 

Our ingredients are often referred to as nootropics, although we like to categorise them like we have above. Nootropics are also known as smart drugs that work to enhance your mental capabilities and brain health. Nootropics are very popular among students, professionals, gamers, fitness fans, entrepreneurs and hard workers as they give their mind and cognitive abilities an upgrade so they can get more done in less time.

We like to simply think of our ingredients as smart (or savvy) as they all work together to provide your brain with a big boost. 

Please click on the ingredients below to learn more about each of the amazing ingredients, and see why they are often called the best adaptogens and nootropics Australia.