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Mental Performance Double Strength Coffee Pods

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So much more than just coffee.

We have supercharged a delicious extra strong coffee with the best in nootropics Australia! We added these ingredients to make coffee even better with stronger upsides (like a huge mood boost and also energy) and no crash or jitters!

Savvy Mental Performance Coffee is the perfect blend of double shot Arabica coffee boosted with superfood-derived nutrients, vitamins, botanical extracts and nootropics (ingredients that give your brain a boost).

We made our upgraded coffee with 14 science-backed ingredients known to lower stress, improve mood and provide long-lasting mental energy! 

Performance coffee is specifically designed for the busy people, the high-performers, people chasing daily goals and the coffee and nootropic lovers! Whether you’re prepping for that big project or your finals, our blend will give you an undeniable mental edge that will leave you feeling better, energised and performing at your best.

✔️ Clear Focus
✔️ Longer Lasting Energy
✔️ Less Stress & Anxiety

Imagine how much more you could do with the savvy brew that brings out the best in you! Great with cacao for a mocha coffee or with a coffee creamer! 

Eco-friendly organic and fairtrade coffee used in a 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable capsule. 

Customer Reviews
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Millie B.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
Sooo damn good

These coffee pods are so nice- perfect for my morning/afternoon coffees to give me a kick start to my day.

Jess C.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
The best way to start your day!

I like the way it makes me feel, alive and energised and switched on without the jitters!

Oscar R.
a whole lot of WOW

Very strong. I doubled up with two pods on my first cup as it smelt so good and nearly exploded my head

Brad N.
Australia Australia
makes zoom meetings tolerable

good mood boosting effect so I can handle all the zoom meetings with a smile when I have my cup of savvy with me

Stephanie K.
Australia Australia

Every Morning I wake up super early on days that I work, I'm drained from the previous day, Brain is overloaded from all the material from uni but this gets me through every single time!!!

Daniella D.

To be honest I wondered if nootropic coffee was a gimmick to upsell midtier coffee beans. I wonder no more!

Christopher M.
yummy and powerful

Keeps me going all day long without the �jitters�

Caroline W.

I was shocked at how good this tasted considering all of the added benefits in it

Duong O.
now I know what nootropics are

I love coffee but now that I have tried savvy coffee with the nootropics added I can see the difference. This takes my brain to a whole new gear. It makes me feel happy and productive

Isaac C.
brilliant replacement for healthy lift

It has an amazing coffee flavour but is full of health benefits rather than being detrimental like other pick me ups

Ben W.

Our machine came with Nespresso and L'or pods and so we tried them while waiting for the Savvy order for a few days. When the savvy one came, we never looked back. It is way stronger and with no crazy jitters or anything. Just really nice

Sam S.
my new favourite coffee

Delicious with a smooth and amazing flavour. I can not believe it has all the extra ingredients as it tastes really really good. I usually have one in the morning and one around lunch as I bring my pods to work as well lol

Charlotte G.

Really wakes you up and gets you going

Lauren G.
love this coffee

I love drinking this coffee. I really feel more focused and dialed in than when I drink regular coffee.

Sarah S.
Love the lions mane mushroom

This is the first coffee with lions mane that actually tastes good while having a strong effect on my brain

Stephen D.
Cup of beast mode

This definitely lives up to the hype I was expecting! My mind goes into overdrive and and I become soooo much more productive. I never thoguht a coffee could do this.