Telstra Best of Business Awards 2023



Search for NSW, and you'll see us in the top 6. 


[original from 15 November 2022]

We are so excited to say we have made it through all the rounds and are now in the Q&A part of the 2023 Telstra Best of Business Awards!

This has meant that 4,500 business have been narrowed down to 7-9 businesses in each category, and somehow we are one of them! 

We are in four separate categories too! We are just pinching ourselves as it is amazing to think our nutrition start-up is now seeing national recognition!Best of business awards

Savvy intro for the awards

Savvy is a nutritionist-run health company that makes award-winning drinks proven to improve mental wellbeing and make brains work better. We are currently one of the fastest growing functional nutrition brand in Australia, going from being in only a few stores at the start of the year, to over 500 now.

Our organic and natural products use ethically sourced, Fairtrade ingredients that have benefits for your brain, such as improved focus, reduced stress and uplifted mental clarity and mood.

We make our products for everyone, but we really want to focus on people that wish to improve their mental health and wellbeing through natural nutrition.

We partner with three mental health and education charities where we make donations, and also help our customers to be aware of mental health initiatives. We believe that mental health is important for everyone and is as important as physical health - so for us, reducing the stigma so that everyone can more openly talk about wanting to improve their mental health is amazing. 

The categories we are in are:

Building Communities

Championing Health

Promoting Sustainability

Outstanding Growth

The reason we are in:

Brain Boost Drinks

Smart Nootropic Coffee Powder

Nootropic Coffee Pods