Savvy state finalist

We made it to the finals of the 2023 Telstra Best of Business Awards. 

We are delighted and so grateful to be here. Thank you everyone, especially our amazing customers. 

We are so proud to up against some amazing companies in all of our categories. Companies that are so impressive that it's quite mindboggling to think that we deserve to be against them. 

There was 20,879 businesses nominated for the award, and to be in the top 6 for three categories seems like something we couldn't have imagined a few years ago when manufacturers were turning us away, and getting started seemed a huge challenge in of itself.

In February 2023 we find out who the winner will be. We are so excited, and wish all of our fellow finalists the best of luck.

Savvy Beverages has made it in:

Championing Health with Camp Quality, JDRF Australia, Suremploy, Vantari VR and Dreams2Live4; and

Building Communities with Glow Up Careers, Native Secrets, Sky Sirens, Camp Quality and Coutts Lawyers and Conveyancers; and

Outstanding Growth with HowToo, Voxus Psychology, X Commercial, Renew IT, and Fonz

Our finalist Blurb:

Savvy Beverages makes healthy drinks for the brain using vitamins, nootropics and superfoods to promote better focus, energy and performance. Crafted by health professionals, the drinks are designed to be a healthy and better alternative to coffee, tea and energy drinks. 

We (think we) are here because: 

1. Our work with creating outstanding nootropic products that actually work and are based on science. We only use the right amount of ingredients for a benefit which is unlike many products on the Australia market. And damn it feels good to be recognised for that. 

2. We give back. We currently donate to 4 separate charities with a hefty percentage of our revenue to charities that help with education, mental health, the environment and sustainability. 

3. We are real. We don't stand behind big marketing claims. We let it all hang out. We show the full ingredients list on our nutritional panel so people know the exact amount of everything they are getting. 

4. We provide benefits. We showcase the science on our website so customers can learn how much of an ingredient they need to enjoy its benefit. We don't label claim and put in tiny amounts of buzzword ingredients like many other "nutrition" companies on the Australian market. 

5. We are making a difference, and we started from the bottom. Savvy is a grass roots Australian business that started because there was a clear need to have a product that will help people to improve their focus, mental performance, mood and energy throughout the day while increasing their resilience to stress.