Understanding Nootropics AT Naturally Good


understanding nootropics

Mark Curry, Founder & Expert Nutritionist at SAVVY BEVERAGE presenting about Nootropics at Australia's largest health conference. 

A note from the founder, Mark Curry:

I am still buzzing with excitement and a sense of accomplishment after having the honour of speaking about my passion - NOOTROPICS, at Australia's premier health event - Naturally Good Expo!

I remember attending this expo years ago, a novice in the field of nutrition, feeling like a small fish in a big pond.

I would watch in awe as experts took the stage, sharing their knowledge and insights about the latest advancements in health. I yearned to be a part of that esteemed group.

Over the past 7 years, I've dedicated myself to the study of nutrition, mental health, and nootropics. The journey has been challenging, enlightening, and incredibly rewarding. To be able to share my knowledge about nootropics on such a prestigious platform is a dream come true! 🤯

I am deeply grateful for this opportunity and hope that my presentation was able to shed light on the fascinating world of nootropics and their potential to enhance brain function.

If you were there on June 6 at the ICC, Darling Harbour Sydney at 3:30pm, I hope you found the session informative and inspiring.

It was wonderful to see an audience of of nootropics enthusiasts and mental health professionals like
Steve Chapman of Shine+ Drinks, MITCH WALLIS of Heart On My Sleeve/Calm Water Health, Georgia Nides of Zoii Pty Ltd, Maeve Curry, Barbara Curry, Go Vita Group Ltd - Australia's Largest Wholesale & Retail Health Store Group and many more.

Sharing the stage with such esteemed speakers like Chelsea Ford (Foodpreneurs Festival), Stephanie Oley, Grant Davidson, Natasha Flynn, Amelia Edwards and Cameron Thorpe was an absolute privilege. Their insights and expertise added so much value to the event.

Thanks as well to Alita Harvey-Rodriguez for the speaking hints and Lisa Crawford Jones for this incredible opportunity.

It was an experience I will cherish forever. Here's to many more years of learning, growing, and contributing to the field of health and nutrition.

The journey continues!