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  • Why Am I Always Hungry? And What to do About it?

    Hunger is the way your body senses that it requires additional food – it’s the natural cue. Each time you feel hungry, your stomach may rumble as it feels empty, or you may experience headaches, get angry, or lack focus. 

    This article looks at some causes of extreme hunger and some science-based ways to reduce excessive hunger and appetite. 


  • Stress Can Make You Stupid

    Stress is an ordinary human response that happens to everybody. We are meant to feel the pressure of stress and respond to it! If a bear was chasing us, our body floods us with stress causing us to run really fast! However, in today’s world, the angry bear might be an upset partner boss or a big public speech. Stress can have an impact on our body both internally and externally. This happens mainly because of environmental, social, and physical changes that react to our body in a certain way. Stress is not always bad - but let's work on managing it and making it work for you.