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  • Why Am I Always Hungry? And What to do About it?

    Hunger is the way your body senses that it requires additional food – it’s the natural cue. Each time you feel hungry, your stomach may rumble as it feels empty, or you may experience headaches, get angry, or lack focus. 

    This article looks at some causes of extreme hunger and some science-based ways to reduce excessive hunger and appetite. 


  • How Does Music Affect Your Health?

    Music has health benefits with the capacity to capture attention, lift your mood, generate emotion, perform better on tests, evoke memories, reduce inhibitions, exercise harder and encourage movement! 

    This is due to the strong effect music has on altering our brain's chemistry, and specifically, its interaction with dopamine, which is a brain-chemical playing a large role in how we act and feel pleasure. 

  • Top 10 Benefits Of Exercise For Mental Wellbeing And Health

    If exercising was a drug – we would say the effects were just way too good to be true! It keeps us smarter, happier, feeling healthy and helps to keep us living longer lives. In fact, In a study done on over 1 million young healthy adults, people found exercise raised their intelligence.