Savvy Beverages is Australia's first nutrition business that makes healthy drinks for the brain using vitamins, nootropics and superfoods for better focus, energy and performance. Savvy exists to be a healthy and better alternative to coffee, tea and energy drinks. Savvy is crafted by Australian health professionals with ingredients that are proven to have benefits you can feel to get the most out of your brain. Currently Savvy Brain Boost exists in two products, as a delicious sparkling beverage and as a coffee, which is available in a powder or a coffee pod.

The philosophy behind the business was simple, to disrupt an unhealthy and artificial industry of “performance drinks”, and improve coffee and tea using new and improved ingredients that can boast many health benefits. Savvy challenges the status quo of the existing products on the market due to its outstanding ingredients list, and is differentiated by providing the entire recipe of the product on the label with links to the science to back up to benefits.

The Savvy journey started in 2016, when founder Mark Curry left a career in law to finalise studies in nutrition, team up with nutritionists, dietitians and naturopaths to create Australia's first mental wellbeing drink using only natural and organic ingredients.

Since then, the Savvy team have received awards for their formulation which is based on over 512 pieces of scientific evidence. The ingredient list boasts 14 ingredients ranging from high-dose vitamins to herbal extracts and amino acids.

Savvy has teamed up with Famous Soda Co to help push the science-based product into the large Australian market to help to provide a much healthier alternative for people! This helped the small Byron Bay company to really hit the ground running with their first Brain Boost made in November 2021.

Now in 2022, Savvy is one of the fastest growing functional beverages in Australia with increasing sales through health food stores, cafes, universities, airports, hospitals, gyms, grocers and online. Try Savvy today and become a part of the future of wellness with the best of nootropics Australia.